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Better Flavors for the Environment

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Finally, an E Juice that has dragon fruit. Pacha Mama’s Mango Pitaya Pineapple is an exquisite blend of fresh mangoes, pitaya (also known as dragon fruit), and pineapple.

Inhaling the Mango Pitaya Pineapple is all about the intricate mixture of pitayas and mangoes.  These tropical fruits will have you pining for more.  The exhale is all about the pineapple flavorings which add a nice tarty sweetness to the puff and closes off the experience.  A wonderful vape for you tropical fruit lovers.

Berry Trio from Cosmic Fog’s Platinum series is your raspberry lovers dream. Blending red, white and golden raspberries with a hint of huckleberry juice, this vape is a fruit explosion in the mouth.

Take your taste buds to the next level with a blend of fruits not seen anywhere else in the world.  Three distinct berries illuminate your tongue with each inhale.  Both red and golden raspberries have been blended with huckleberry to give that exhale a smooth and fruity finish.  If you haven’t tried this flavor, go get it and see why it is called platinum.

If you like Arnold Palmers (the drink, not the golfer) then you will love Dripmore’s Strawberry Palm. The flavor is an amalgamation of cold sweet tea with tart lemonade and some sweet strawberries for a nice and refreshing flavor burst.

Strawberry Palm brings together two perfect flavors with sweet tea and ice-cold lemonade with each inhale.  That flavor subtly changes and packs in a few strawberries to add a hint of fruit as you exhale.  This flavor is one to write home about.  A great summer vape that could be repurposed year-round.

Ruthless’s newest creation Tropic Thunda is truly a trip to your favorite tropical paradise. This e liquid is an excellent combination of creamy guave and a mixed berries flavor explosion.

It is one of the best e juices that will get you drooling. The inhale of this vaping sauce will bring in play a calming berry taste. Your buds will ask for more. The exhale will bring out the guava. It will be activated across your taste buds and will slowly fade into the guava. This vaping juice is perfect for vaping all day long.

Taking you to the Islands is Naked 100’s Hawaiian POG.  Just like the drink, but in vapor form.  A perfect blend of freshly squeezed orange juice, passion fruit, and guava, this vape will be a hit year round.

When it comes to inhaling, this e juice provides a blend of passion fruit and guava. Upon exhaling, it will bring forth a flavor of orange and complements the mixture of passion fruit and guava. The throat hit it provides is delightful and pleasant. This juice will offer a unique mouth to lung experience that will keep you vaping throughout the day.

The Mango Lime from Its Pixy is manufactured by your friends at Shijin Vapor. This vape combines sweet and tropical mangoes with tart and citrusy lime for bold candy treat you can vape all day.

The inhale of this juice contains a tropical and sweet taste of mangoes, that will leave an amazing impression on your tongue. The exhale will deliver a flavor of tart lime that will complement the mangoes flavor well. This delectable concoction will knock your socks off. The throat hit is soft and mellow without any charring, burning, or irritation.

Space Jam Thermal is another powerful fruit blend.  This vape includes delicious apples, vibrant kiwi, and tangy oranges in wonderful mixed up smoothie.

Space Jam has pulled off a combination that few would dare to venture.  They take crisp apples and succulent oranges and combine them into a blitz of flavor for the inhale.  When you exhale, get ready for a tart blast of kiwi fruit to finish off the concoction.  These three fruits while crazy in combination pull off a great blend of flavor.

E-liquids with cereal flavor profiles are some of the most popular products in the vaping industry currently, and Fubar by Cyclops Vapor nails the cereal vape juice flavor with its blend of toasty cereal topped with sugar, powdered cinnamon and a big helping of sweet, cold milk.

Your breakfast is now going to become much more delicious and tasteful with the addition of Cyclops Vapor Fubar on the table. It features all the ingredients required to make an e-juice remarkable. You will enjoy the taste of toasty cereal having delicious toppings of powdered cinnamon, sugar, and of course, cold milk.

Cookie Butter by Loaded E Juice is a premium vape flavor manufactured by Ruthless Vapor. Loaded had perfectly infused cookie butter into vape form and presented as this new line. A peanut butter lovers dream, two peanut cookies are mixed with a mound of peanut butter.

There are very few flavors that would hit the spot where the loaded cookie butter hits. If it has always been your dream to have this flavor on a regular basis, then it is all in the loaded cookie butter. The cookie butters taste is perfectly analogous to freshly made cookie butter. Its inhalation sweetly strikes you teeth on a direct impact.  The palate gets satisfied with the sugar and the rich flavor that satisfies your taste buds desire.

Sour Worms On Ice adds a cooling throat hit to every breath of the Sour Worms e Juice. Same classic gummy worms taste mixed with some icy goodness.

Sour Worms is the perfect candy and Candy King has recreated that flavor in every puff.  Get ready to match orange and lime, lemon and strawberry, and cherry and raspberry with every puff.   Tip the scale at the end with a refreshing artic blast of mint to keep your exhale fresh.

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