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Better Flavors for the Environment

Finally, an E Juice that has dragon fruit. Pacha Mama’s Mango Pitaya Pineapple is an exquisite blend of fresh mangoes, pitaya (also known as dragon fruit), and pineapple. Inhaling the Mango Pitaya Pineapple is all about the intricate mixture of pitayas and mangoes.  These tropical fruits will have you pining for more.  The exhale is […]

Can the Marriage Between Smart Grid and Consumer Be Saved?

It all started with such promise, aided by $3.4 billion in federal stimulus funding for “advanced electricity-grid technology,” but there wasn’t even a honeymoon for some residential customers in Texas and California who saw their newly-installed smart meters result in higher electricity bills.  They reacted with suspicion, hostility and lawsuits, and now utilities regulators in both states have launched reviews. As Katherine Ling […]

Tokyo Launches Asia’s First Cap & Trade Program

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) on April 1 began a cap-and-trade program (PDF) that will cover approximately 1,400 industries, commercial buildings and large office buildings within the Tokyo Prefecture.  The emissions trading program is Asia’s first and was rolled out at the same time that the UK also is expanding cap-and-trade to non-industrial businesses and government buildings.  […]

UK Rolls Out Carbon Trading for Businesses — Would the US Adopt It Too?

While the U.S. Congress argues whether or not to adopt climate change legislation that includes  cap and trade, the United Kingdom has rolled out a new mandatory carbon trading program sweeping in businesses that, up to now, have not been covered by the European Union’s Emissions Trading System. Under the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), large […]

Oregon’s Renewable Energy Tax Credit Program Undergoes Revisions

Oregon’s legislature has adopted modifications to the Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC) program. HB 3680 will place new financial limits on the BETC program, and give more discretion to the Director of the Oregon Department of Energy (“ODOE”) to reject BETC applications and to reduce the amount of BETCs delivered to projects. Some of the […]

A Rising Tide Raises More Than Boats

The Washington Department of Ecology has released photographs depicting what a rising sea level might mean for waterfront properties in the future. The photos taken in early and mid-January 2010 during extreme high tides are a preview of what’s to come even with a medium sea level rise of six inches by 2050. Seattle […]

Is it Possible to Avoid Wind Turbine Litigation?

One of the top renewable energy legal decisions in 2009 has to be the injunction issued on December 8 by U.S. District Judge Roger Titus in Animal Welfare Institute v. Beech Ridge Energy LLC. The ruling halted the construction of a 122-turbine wind project in West Virginia due to the failure to study adequately the […]

Climate Change Regulation Before Legislation in U.S.

Sen. John Kerry’s announcement on Nov. 16 that the Senate’s version of climate change legislation, the Clean Energy & American Power Act (S. 1733), probably won’t be considered until “early spring” 2010 now makes it more likely that the first move by the U.S. will come from the Environmental Protection Agency rather than Congress. Sen. […]