A Rising Tide Raises More Than Boats

The Washington Department of Ecology has released photographs depicting what a rising sea level might mean for waterfront properties in the future. The photos taken in early and mid-January 2010 during extreme high tides are a preview of what’s to come even with a medium sea level rise of six inches by 2050.

Seattle P-I.com also published photographs of some of the high tides at Bainbridge Island. A six inch rise in sea level would mean these extreme high tides might occur as many as 10 times a year instead of one or two times now. In addition, the higher sea level and higher extreme high tides would also make properties more susceptible to storm damage, such as what happened to some Camano Island property owners when strong winds accompanied the January high tides.

The next series of extreme high tides in Washington are February 1 through 3, and Ecology is requesting more photographs.

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